It began with a party........

I have always had a passion for food, especially Mexican and South American.  I feel most at home in a kitchen, whether professional or my own, cooking for friends and guests. When not in a kitchen I spent much of my time searching out great food wherever I have lived or traveled. 


I had been living in Cincinnati for two years when I realized that I hadn't cooked for anyone but myself and hadn't had any friends over to my house. So I had to throw a party! While deciding what I was going serve, I had this terrible craving for tamales. I love tamales. Who doesn't?! Fortunately, I was taught by friends and neighbors in Chicago and even once in Peru how to make great tamales and had already been making them for the last 15 years. So, tamales were the obvious choice for the party, and they were devoured.  A friend of looked and me and casually said, “too bad you don’t sell these.” 


Loving Cincinnati with its really friendly people and great food, I decided to do just that, and Jenn’s Hot Tamale was born! 

I'm a description
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