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*please note: orders must be in by December 15th and can be picked up from December 19 - 20 from 1-6pm in Northside. will email you!

Frozen tamales

Packed in a tray ready to throw in the oven. They can be steamed or microwaved, as well! Instructions are included.

1/2 dozen     $16

1 dozen         $32

1 1/2 dozen  $46

2 dozen         $60

Green- pork in a green sauce

Red- Pork in a red sauce

Poblano and Cheese (vegetarian)- Poblano peppers and Montery Jack

Mixed Veggie (vegan)- Sun dried tomato, roasted red pepper, cactus, chili


Verde 8oz.- tomatillo, garlic, serrano, cilantro. Mild-medium $4

Negra 4oz.- morita chilis blended with piloncillo syrup and fried. Hot, sweet, and smoky. A little goes a long way.  $4

Torta del Cielo

Almond torte- Really delicious!

4"      $5

9"      $12

Jenn's Hot Tamale

Cincinnati, OH