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Tamales   $4

Green pulled pork in green sauce


Poblano and Cheese (vegetarian)

roasted poblano peppers and Monterey Jack cheese

 Tamales served with your choice of salsa


Tortas (Mexican sandwich)

Served on house made talera rolls with avacado, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and escabeche (pickled jalapeños) on the side.

Carnitas  pulled pork      $9

Carne Asada  steak       $10

Zucchini (vegetarian/vegan)      $9



Sides    $3

Elotes (Street Corn) corn, mayo, chili, fresh lime juice

Papas a la Huacaino (Peruvian Potato Salad)  boiled potatoes in huancaino sauce (ají chili and cheese) with hard boiled egg and black olive 



Verde (green)(mild)- tomatillo, garlic, onion, cilantro

Fresca (medium)- tomato chopped with onion, cilantro, and serrano chili 


Negra (chipotle)(Hot)- toasted morita chipotles blended with piloncillo (Mexican sugar) and water and fried!

Pan con Chicharrón (Peruvian pork sandwich)

Small pork cutlet with sweet potato and Peruvian slaw served on a homemade French roll     $9


Jenn's Hot Tamale

Cincinnati, OH