This Week's MENU

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Tamales   $4

Green pulled pork in green sauce


Poblano and Cheese (vegetarian)

roasted poblano peppers and Monterey Jack cheese

Tacos    2 for $8

Carnitas  pulled pork 

Carne Asada  steak

Bean (vegetarian/vegan) spicy frijoles negros with or without cheese 



Tacos and Tamales served with your choice of salsa

Served on house made tortillas all come with onions and cilantro

Sandwich   $5

Peruvian Pork Sandwich

Little pork chop, sweet potato, and salsa criollo on a house made bun




Sides    $3

Elotes (Street Corn) corn, mayo, chili, fresh lime juice

Papas a la Huacaino (Peruvian Potato Salad)  boiled potatoes in huancaino sauce (ají chili and cheese) with hard boiled egg and black olive



Quarentine Special     $7

Peruvian Pork Sandwich and Papas a la Huancaino


Verde (green)(mild)- tomatillo, garlic, onion, cilantro

Fresca (medium)- tomato chopped with onion, cilantro, and serrano chili 


Negra (chipotle)(Hot)- toasted morita chipotles blended with piloncillo (Mexican sugar) and water and fried!

Jenn's Hot Tamale

Cincinnati, OH